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TechNOVA delivers strategic insights into the application of cutting edge technology in order for leaders to formulate their own plans. Our conferences, webinars, reports and roundtables deliver thought leadership, networking opportunities and inspiration to those creating a connected world and all businesses that have a place in that ecosystem.


TechNOVA Voice is the voice tech event addressing the impact of smart speakers and voice commerce on your business. Hear from experts from global brands and find out how your business needs to adapt in a voice-driven world.

TechNOVA: AI in Financial Services brings together top representatives from established businesses, as well as exciting new technological players, from across the financial services. From banks to start-ups and insurers to investors, this conference gathers together the greatest minds to expand understandings of AI, and build practical knowledge on how to develop real, implementable systems.


The Voice Technology Revolution

Grasping transformation and thriving in a voice-led world

With a market set to be worth $127 billion by 2024, the impact of voice technology is just starting to be realised in customers’ lives – providing frictionless interaction, opportunity for greater brand engagement, and closer and more personal connections with the customer.

As a new paradigm emerges, make sure you’re prepared by tuning into this filmed live webinar.

Broadcast Live | September 12pm – 1pm BST