Innovation in post and parcel delivery

23 – 24 October 2018

Grand Kempinski Hotel, Shanghai

Now in its fourth year, Post & Parcel Services: Asia Pacific is re-launching as Leaders in Logistics: Post & Parcel APAC.

This postal conference focuses on engaging with the boom of e-commerce, technological innovation, and the continued growth of challengers. This event will provide an invaluable opportunity for post & parcel industry players to debate and discuss strategies to ensure future business success in a constantly evolving market. As parcel delivery volumes continue to grow exponentially, don’t miss this opportunity to hear from key post and parcel decision makers who collectively deliver to over two billion people across the region.

Why attend

Hear from 25+ senior figures across national posts and couriers share 10+ hours of exclusive content

Unmissable keynotes from China Post, DHL eCommerce, and State Post Bureau

Get to grips with technological innovations, evolving customer expectations, and the challenge of cross-border delivery

Broaden your perspective by hearing directly from your retail clients such as Lazada Group and Ebay

Enhance your organisations’ resilience by learning from the experience of industry giants SingPost, Cainiao Network and Yamato Holdings

Strengthen your network: Build relationships with 150+ senior-level attendees across two days

“This is an amazing conference, it helps us to link China with the world, especially with the European Union and South East Asia. I do believe this event will contribute to the implementation of the belt and road initiatives.”

Vice President, YTO Express

“The conference covers current and very relevant topics. There are lots of opportunities to network and I would highly recommend to those wanting to know more about the post and parcels services industry”

Head of Asia Business Development (Ecommerce & International), Australia Post

“Marketforce offered a good opportunity for updating the market trend and meeting with influential figures in CEP industry. Well organized and thought provoking. Look forward to joining again”

Cross-border E-commerce Logistics Director – International Business, China Post


Weiru Chen

Weiru Chen

Strategy Consultant for Cainiao Network; Professor, Post & Parcel APAC 2018

Alex Tan

Chief Digital & Technology Officer, SingPost

Jacky Tang Photo

Jacky Tang

Cross-border E-Commerce Logistics Director, International Business Department, China Post

Zhi Zheng Photo

Zhi Zheng

Managing Director, North Asia & Greater China, DHL eCommerce

Misko Kancko, Canada Post - Post & Parcel Conference

Misko Kancko

Director of Global Strategy, Canada Post

James Chang

Co-Founder & COO of Cross-border, Lazada Group

Zubair Alam - Pakistan Post | Post APAC

Zubair Alam

Deputy Director General, Pakistan Post

Feng Xiang - YTO Express | Post APAC

Feng Xiang

Vice President, YTO Expresss

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2018 Agenda

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Day One

Day Two


Welcome Address by John Lawrence, Director, Marketforce


Chair’s opening remarks - Cassandra Lee, Partner, Heads International

Session 1

Session One: Adjusting to change – staying ahead of the curve

Keynote addresses

The future shape of the industry: perspectives on the market outlook

The post and parcel industry is undergoing a transformative period of change, with new technologies disrupting traditional structures, the boom in e-commerce affecting volume and customer demand, variable regulation impacting cross-border delivery, and the growth of challengers affecting business models.
Here we present a series of keynotes from major industry players who will share how their respective companies are engaging with these critical issues and their plans for the years ahead.

Jacky Tang Photo
Jacky Tang

Cross-border E-Commerce Logistics Director, International Business Department , China Post

Zhi Zheng Photo
Zhi Zheng

Managing Director, North Asia & Greater China , DHL eCommerce


Key trends: the path to value

  • Understanding the latest disruptions facing the postal and logistics industry today
  • Reviewing the effects of modern challenges on postal and logistics organisations
  • How can value be created from disruption? New operating models and ecosystems to drive growth

Adriana Diener-Veinott

Managing Director , Accenture

Leaders’ forum

Remaining relevant: taking stock of a constantly shifting business environment

  • Making the most of the growth of e-commerce: a new direction
  • What are the business opportunities of the growing focus on parcel delivery?
  • How is the industry engaging with the demands of cross-border delivery?
  • Demystifying regulation: working across a globalised network
  • How best can logistics and postal operators work together?
  • What are the opportunities offered by new technologies?
  • How can the industry ensure it remains profitable?
  • What does the future hold for post and parcel?

Jacky Tang Photo
Jacky Tang

Cross-border E-Commerce Logistics Director, International Business Department , China Post

Zhi Zheng Photo
Zhi Zheng

Managing Director, North Asia & Greater China , DHL eCommerce

Misko Kancko, Canada Post - Post & Parcel Conference
Misko Kancko

Director of Global Strategy , Canada Post

Adriana Diener-Veinott

Managing Director , Accenture



Session 2

Session Two: The explosion of e-commerce – a pivotal moment for the industry


Changing landscape of e-commerce

·        SEA eCommerce market overview
·        Cross-border logistics and supply chain network
·        Evolution of cross-border logistics

Sean Cheng

Sean Cheng, Head of Cross-Border, Lazada Group , Lazada Group


Increasing market share: how is post adapting to a changed landscape?

  • Reacting to the sharp increase in e-commerce fulfilment: partnering with e-tailers
  • Turning away from letters: investing in growing parcel volume
  • What impact does this shift have on intra-logistics?
  • How must the existing postal network be adapted for the new age of e-commerce?

Alberto Pimenta

Head of e-Commerce , CTT Portugal Post


Building fruitful partnerships: collaborating with postal operators

  • Combining postal and ecommerce expertise: reflecting on the past and lessons learned
  • How have postal operators shifted their position to meet today’s ecommerce requirements?
  • Recommendations for how private ecommerce companies can work successfully with posts

Lionel Berthe

Head of Asia-Pacific , Asendia

Panel discussion

Making the most of e-commerce: rewards and opportunities

  • What is the impact of consumer uptake of e-commerce across the region?
  • Managing capacity: how can the existing service network be enlarged?
  • How can retailers become better integrated with postal operators and/or logistics companies?
  • How is the postal monopoly on letters impacting competition in parcel delivery?
  • What lessons can Asian e-commerce delivery learn from its European counterpart?
  • How does the increasing integration between online and offline impact on post and parcel?
  • From increased volume to improved quality: impacts on profit margins
  • What are the new opportunities for e-commerce delivery in emerging economies?

Kang Zhang - eBay | Post APAC
Kang Zhang

GM, International CBT Shipping , eBay

Alberto Pimenta

Head of e-Commerce , CTT Portugal Post

Amiroel Shazrie Yussof - MASKargo
Amiroel Shazrie Yussof

General Manager – Global Sales & Marketing , MAS Kargo Sdn Bhd

Lionel Berthe

Head of Asia-Pacific , Asendia


Lunch hosted by Accenture

Session 3

Session Three: Reaching across borders – maximizing opportunities of global delivery


Innovative solutions for cross-border delivery: the e-tail perspective

·        Key challenges for carriers: overcoming the ongoing problems with cross-border shipping
·        How does eBay tackle problems together with key industry players?
·        What does the future look like for cross-border shipping?

Kang Zhang - eBay | Post APAC
Kang Zhang

GM, International CBT Shipping , eBay


The global customer: putting cross-border at the heart of business success

  • Logistics’ pre-eminence: absorbing parcel volume into commercial networks
  • Assessing the interplay between large integrators and local players
  • Grappling with cross-border returns: ensuring complete customer satisfaction

Salil Chari

VP of Marketing – APAC , FedEx



Session 4

Session Four: Thriving in the modern, competitive eco-system


A brave new world: letters and beyond

  • Is the decline in letters terminal? New innovations in mail
  • Is a USO sustainable, or even desirable, in the modern world?
  • From declining letters to expanding parcel
  • Re-branding the image of post: harnessing public trust during times of change

Peter Koller, Österreichische Post - Post & Parcel Conference
Peter Koller

Head of International Mail & Affairs , Österreichische Post


Standing out in a competitive market: visualising logistic processes

  • Video track & trace: the secret key to process optimisation
  • How to minimise loss and damage using fast search by barcode
  • Increasing the eyes in your logistic chain despite growing automation
  • Protect your workflows: introducing enterprise grade security features

Jens Friedrich

Chief Development Manager Logistics , Geutebrück GmbH

Tarek Schönfelder

Sales Director Overseas , Geutebrück GmbH


Extending reach: offering a variety of services to retain the customer base

  • The e-commerce logistics landscape in Vietnam: assessing the opportunities
  • Beyond last mile delivery: anticipating and exceeding customer needs
  • What is the value of an integrated ecosystem?

Hoang Hai Vo

Chief Executive Officer , Giao Hang Nhanh (GHN)

Closing keynote address

Responding to the rapid rise of e-commerce: an industry academic perspective

Hu Kai Photo
Hu Kai

Assistant General Director – Development Research Center , State Post Bureau


Chair’s closing remarks followed by drinks reception


Chair's opening remarks - Liam O'Sullivan, Director of Operations, International Post Corporation

Session 5

Session Five: The new, intelligent world of logistics – integrating cutting-edge technology

Keynote opening address

Adopting technology to drive efficiencies and optimisation

Alex Tan

Chief Digital & Technology Officer , SingPost

Case study | Cainiao Network

Pushing the boundaries: building global ‘New Logistics’

Logistics is the key to unlocking the opportunities of ecommerce, particularly in new markets. Weiru will explain Cainiao Network’s approach to meeting the challenges facing China and beyond through its adoption of ‘New Logistics’ – what does this entail, and how does it underpin global expansion? Weiru will share important lessons learnt as the industry moves towards the closer integration of on- and offline.

Weiru Chen
Weiru Chen

Strategy Consultant for Cainiao Network; Professor

Case study | Swiss Post

Embracing new technologies: the postal perspective

Swiss Post is globally recognised as a leader in innovation and digitalisation. Looking beyond the headline-grabbing topics of drones and robots, Dieter will explain how Swiss Post has successfully embedded technology across the company to drive everyday business. How can technology support wider strategic aims?

Dieter Bambauer

Chief Executive Officer – PostLogistics , Swiss Post


Thriving in the new digital age: a roadmap

·        Assessing current logistics trends
·        Focusing on the Chinese consumer
·        What are the impacts of technology and innovation?

Anson Bailey

Head of Consumer & Retail - ASPAC; Head of Technology - Hong Kong , KPMG

Panel discussion

Technology as the key driver of business transformation: assessing the impacts

  • How will technology transform the post and parcel industry?
  • What are the opportunities of using blockchain in the supply chain?
  • What is the potential impact of change on sustainability goals?
  • How does innovation shape both customer expectations and experience?
  • How has postal and courier engagement with technology differed?
  • What should senior management consider before implementing change?
  • Is a culture change necessary to allow the full adoption of new tools?
  • What level of investment is needed today to remain competitive tomorrow?
  • Plans for the future: assessing important trends

Alex Tan

Chief Digital & Technology Officer , SingPost

Dieter Bambauer

Chief Executive Officer – PostLogistics , Swiss Post

Anson Bailey

Head of Consumer & Retail - ASPAC; Head of Technology - Hong Kong , KPMG

Weiru Chen
Weiru Chen

Strategy Consultant for Cainiao Network; Professor



Session 6

Session Six: Harnessing innovation to exceed customer expectations

Case study | YTO Express

Enhancing customers’ lives – China Express Industry and YTO innovation introduction

·        How does e-commerce drive the development of China’s express delivery sector?
·        How do innovative business models and new technologies enable a more efficient service?
·        Investing in innovation: offering high quality, low cost services for customers
·        The importance of partnership: promoting the development of the global logistics industry

Feng Xiang - YTO Express | Post APAC
Feng Xiang

Vice President , YTO Expresss


Leveraging technology to provide optimal customer service

  • Information is key: responding to increasing user and customer demands
  • How can technology address security challenges?
  • Change is constant, flexibility vital
  • Embracing and managing change – the future is here

Michael Dyson

Managing Director , SOTI



Session 7

Session Seven: Utilizing networks to maximize reach


Cooperation through partnership: supporting global business development

  • What opportunities does the growth of new entrants hold for established logistics players?
  • Accessing networks on other continents: opening a door to Europe
  • How do partnerships abroad support smooth cross border delivery?
  • Building a global cold-chain network: providing a seamless logistics service

Katsuhiko Umetsu Photo
Katsuhiko Umetsu

Senior Executive Officer , Yamato Holdings

Case study | Ninja Van

Working collaboratively to reach customers across the world – remote and urban

Partnerships between international logistics operators are rising in prevalence as parcel delivery becomes increasingly globalised. In order to better understand and seize business opportunities of local domestic markets, larger operators are starting to invest in growing local companies. In February this year, DPD invested in Ninja Van, a technology based last mile delivery specialist working across Southeast Asia. Ninja Van’s Zhern Yung Lai will reflect on the significance of global connections and their implications for both his company and the customer journey.

Zhern Yung Lai

Head of Cross Border , Ninja Van


Capitalising on the extensive branch network: the postal edge

  • National post at the heart of the nation’s everyday lives: surpassing logistics companies
  • Leveraging the far-reaching postal infrastructure network: equal service offerings in rural areas
  • How can postal operators raise additional revenue streams?
  • Re-branding post for the modern age: how can trust be promoted amongst customers?

Rohana Abeyaratne Photo
Rohana Abeyaratne

Former Postmaster General , Sri Lanka Post


Chair’s closing remarks and end of conference


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