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5-6 November 2018

QEII Centre, London






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Speaker announcement

Andries Smit

Andries Smith, Managing Director for Global Digital Factory, Aviva

Andries is responsible for driving Aviva’s global digital products, experience and technology. With vast experience working in myriad organisations across continents, Andries’ career has always centered on ‘digital’ and ‘transformation’.  Andries will be joining the Jade Stage on Day 2 where he will be discussing the idea of ‘open insurance’. Find out how open APIs have the potential to transform insurance ecosystems and what organisations can do to capitalise on new opportunities.

About the summit

Unmissable speakers
More than 100 of the most innovative, exciting and knowledgeable speakers from across the European insurance market.

Think big, think beyond insurance!
We’ve carefully selected ‘out of industry’ speakers to challenge your thinking and offer fresh insight that you can take back and implement within your organisations.

Ready for the revolution?
Hear from 25 insurtech disruptors who will change the face of insurance as we know it. Experience first-hand what they have to offer in our brand new Insurtech Demo Zone. 

4 stages brimming with unrivalled insights
From building successful AI projects and capitalising on the data goldmine, to an overhaul in customer experience and the future distribution ecosystem.

More than great content
8+ hours of networking time where you can meet with your peers, strike up meaningful conversations and build fruitful partnerships.

The key players you need to meet
An exhibition floor packed with 40+ solution providers, providing your one-stop shop to make connections across the financial services ecosystem.


Tulsi Naidu, Zurich | Insurance Innovators Speaker

Tulsi Naidu

Chief Executive Officer, UK, Zurich

David Stevens, Admiral | Insurance Innovators Speaker

David Stevens

Group Chief Executive, Admiral

Fleur Dujardin InShared | Insurance Innovators Speaker

Fleur Dujardin

Chief Executive Officer, InShared

Scott Walchek, Trōv

Scott Walchek

CEO and Co-Founder, Trov


Nazim Cetin

Chief Executive Officer, Allianz X

Andy Watson. Ageas

Andy Watson

Chief Executive Officer, Ageas

Rob Townend - Aviva - Insurance Innovators

Rob Townend

Managing Director, UK General Insurance, Aviva

Cheryl Agius photo

Cheryl Agius

Chief Executive Officer, General Insurance, Legal & General

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Day 1 Monday, 5 November 2018

Day 2 Tuesday, 6 November 2018


Welcome address and

Chair's opening remarks


Declan Curry - Journalist
Declan Curry

Journalist & Broadcaster

Session 1

The future of insurance

Keynote address

Driven to innovation: from ambition to reality

Andy Watson. Ageas
Andy Watson

Chief Executive Officer , Ageas

Keynote address

Challenging the norms of a legacy industry: an insurtech perspective

Fleur Dujardin InShared | Insurance Innovators Speaker
Fleur Dujardin

Chief Executive Officer , InShared

Keynote address

The art of innovation: key lessons for success

Nazim Cetin

Chief Executive Officer , Allianz X


Session title to be confirmed

Aldo Monteforte

Chief Executive Officer & Founder , The Floow

Andy Goldby speaking at Insurance Innovators Motor
Andy Goldby

Chief Product Officer , The Floow

Leaders’ forum

Pushing the boundaries of insurance: a view from the C-suite

  • In a time of transformation, disruption and innovation, what should be prioritised?
  • Reinforcing relevance: is this the critical issue?
  • Assessing the scale of disruption: how big is the insurtech threat?
  • The incumbents fighting back: are traditional insurers doing enough to overcome disruption?
  • In what ways can collaboration with insurtechs be furthered for the benefit of the customer?
  • How will the role of insurers evolve over the next 10 years?
  • Will alternative customer-facing organisations challenge the current supply chain?

Cheryl Agius photo
Cheryl Agius

Chief Executive Officer, General Insurance , Legal & General

Rob Townend - Aviva - Insurance Innovators
Rob Townend

Managing Director, UK General Insurance , Aviva

Enrique Alonso, Zurich
Enrique Gomez Alonso

Chief Customer Officer , Zurich Spain

Steven Mendel
Steven Mendel

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer , Bought By Many

Preetham Peddanagari - EY - MoneyLIVE Panelist
Preetham Peddanagari

EMEIA FS Digital Insurance Leader , EY



Session 2

Creating a pull platform: achieving the dream | Tech in focus: pricing, underwriting and product innovation | Insurtech: behind the scenes

Coral Stage - Creating a pull platform: achieving the dream
Jade Stage - Tech in focus: pricing, underwriting and product innovation
Onyx Stage - Insurtech: behind the scenes

Chair’s opening remarks

Declan Curry - Journalist
Declan Curry

Journalist & Broadcaster

Out of industry keynote


How can organisations respond to the rise of the autonomous customer? In this out of industry keynote, Nicola Millard will discuss how BT has adapted to changing consumer attitudes in order to maintain its relationships with the consumer; customers are shifting to a more selective, connected, and social pattern of communication and are becoming increasingly independent. Find out how BT has been responding to these changes, what steps organisations can take to overhaul communication initiatives, and ultimately what this all means for future customer relationships and interaction.

Nicola Millard, BT
Nicola Millard

Head of Customer Insight and Futures , BT

Out of industry keynote 


Russel Pert, Head of finserve UK, Facebook
Russell Pert

Industry Head, Financial Services , Facebook




Assessing the state of meaningful customer conversations

Consumers have strong opinions and high expectations about how they expect insurers to communicate with them. If these expectations aren’t met, they are likely to switch providers. In this session, Smart Communications’ CEO, James Brown will share the results of a recent survey the company conducted to determine consumer perspectives on the quality of communications they expect, what they’re currently receiving and why it matters. Find out how insurers can act on these insights to deliver more meaningful customer conversations and the best possible customer experience.

James Brown
James Brown

Chief Executive Officer , Smart Communications

Panel discussion

From ambition to reality: establishing successful pull platforms in insurance

  • Moving beyond the push factor: what stands in the way of insurance becoming a pull platform?
  • Are customer perceptions of insurance an inhibitor? How can they be changed?
  • How important is it to deliver wider social good?
  • Solving the real problem(s): what can insurers do to truly help the customer?
  • Where is there scope to build relationships that are distinct from the insurance product itself?
  • Creating a community: what are the first steps?
  • Monetising the pull platform: what new revenue streams could become available to insurers if they assume a new role?
  • What lessons from other industries can be applied to insurance?

Christian Krogtoft
Christian Krogtoft

Head of Customer Experience , SpareBank 1 Forsikring

Charlotte Halkett Speaker Photo
Charlotte Halkett

Managing Director , buzzvault

James Brown
James Brown

Chief Executive Officer , Smart Communications


Chair’s opening remarks

Melissa Collett - chairing Insurance Innovators Counter Fraud
Melissa Collett

Professional Standards Director , Chartered Insurance Institute (CII)

Case study | Sherpa

Making insurance personal

Personalisation lies at the heart of Sherpa’s business model. Through using the Sherpa Brain, an AI-powered risk assessment tool, all aspects of the customer’s lifestyle are evaluated and combined to create a single view. In this case study, explore how the use of AI allows Sherpa to identify an ‘all-risks’ cover that protects all of the customer’s non-life needs, as well as how Sherpa ensures coverage remains up-to-date and dynamic at all times.


chris kaye, sherpa
Chris Kaye

Chief Executive Officer , Sherpa


AI: a breakthrough in pricing and underwriting

  • Deriving valuable insight from the data bonanza: strategies for success
  • Dynamic insurance: when will real-time risk pricing become mainstream practice?
  • What stands in the way of successful adoption?
  • What does the future hold for pricing and underwriting?


Smart insurance for smart devices: keeping up with changing customer needs in the digital era

Panel discussion

A frictionless future: marrying IoT and AI

  • From social media to browsing history data: how can consumers be encouraged to give insurers access to their personal data?
  • Will dynamic pricing be a way to increase meaningful touchpoints with the customer?
  • Trust and transparency: how can AI-based underwriting and pricing be used to enhance customer relationships?
  • In what timeframe will insurance become automatically re-broked at frequent intervals?
  • Integrating blockchain: are smart contracts and payments in the pipeline?
  • Is question-less underwriting already on the cards?
  • Insuring your lifestyle thoroughly highly personalised risk assessment: what kinds of products will be offered to consumers?

Agnieszka Wronska Link4 Photo
Agnieszka Wrońska

Chief Executive Officer , LINK4

Beat Stalder - Helvetia
Beat Stalder

Group Chief Underwriting Officer , Helvetia

Martyn Green
Martyn Green

Product and Pricing Director , RSA


Chair’s opening remarks

Andrea Silvello
Andrea Silvello

Founder , InsurTech News


The ins and outs of incumbent-disruptor partnerships

  • Combining legacy with innovation: what practical steps can be taken to successfully marry two distinct cultures?
  • How can internal buy-in from stakeholders be secured?
  • Keeping the pace: how can roadblocks be overcome?
  • Figuring out what is and isn’t negotiable: how to implement honesty and boundaries
  • Setting scope and boundaries: lessons for clear communication
  • What next? The importance of knowing what lies ahead for the partnership
  • Final food for thought: the best tips for a happy partnership



Sabine Vanderlinden

CEO , Startupbootcamp InsurTech


Ed Klinger, Flock Cover
Ed Leon Klinger

Chief Executive Officer , Flock

Tom Chamberlain
Tom Chamberlain

Underwriting Manager Aerospace and General Aviation - London , Allianz Global Corporate and Specialty


Funding the future

  • Sorting the wheat from the chaff: key factors in deciding who to back
  • The art of the deal: key success factors
  • New technologies and innovations: what’s around the corner?
  • Final advice for entrepreneurs and start-ups


Sophie Dingreville
Sophie Dingreville

Investment Director , Munich Re


Developing strategy to sustain innovation over time

Panel discussion

The next phase for insurtech start-ups: beyond the pitch

  • From investment to partnerships: what’s the best option for start-ups wanting to ensure longevity?
  • Getting the word out: how can start-ups secure and grow a customer base?
  • It’s not all easy: what are the common pitfalls to avoid?
  • How can you keep the customer at the heart of your business when growing in scale?
  • The importance of hiring the right talent: what are the key considerations?
  • The importance of flexibility and adaptability: what does this mean on a day-to-day basis?
  • Are organisational values and behviours crucial to success?

Sabine Vanderlinden

CEO , Startupbootcamp InsurTech

Michael Muzio, now4cover
Michael Muzio

Chief Executive Officer , now4cover

Vikas Chhariya AXA
Vikas Chhariya

Managing Director, Group Innovation , AXA

Sten Saar - Zego - Insurance Innovators
Sten Saar

Chief Executive Officer , Zego


Lunch hosted by Smart Communications

Session 3

Reinventing the insurer-customer relationship | Tech in focus: fraud and claims | The marketing suite

Coral Stage - Reinventing the insurer-customer relationship
Jade Stage - Tech in focus: fraud and claims
Onyx Stage - The marketing suite

An overhaul in customer interaction: turning insurance into a lifestyle product

  • Redefining insurance for the customer: what does this mean in practise?
  • Improving loyalty and reducing customer churn
  • How can product innovation and customer centricity be successfully combined?
  • In what ways will the communication between insurer and insured change in future?

Steven Mendel
Steven Mendel

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer , Bought By Many


Turning customers into brand cheerleaders


Innovation and disruption: fighting back in the name of the customer


Blair Turnball - Aviva - Insurance Innovators
Blair Turnball

Managing Director, UK Digital , Aviva

Panel discussion

Reinforcing relevance: helping customers to delight in insurance

  • What does the future of digital engagement look like?
  • Meaningful communication: how can this be achieved across multiple channels?
  • Hyper-personalisation: how can this be implemented?
  • What new technology is available to insurers to transform customer communication?
  • Becoming externally focused: how can mind-sets and cultures be challenged to bring about true customer-centricity?
  • How can insures build meaningful customer relationships post-GDPR?

Rikke Hagemann from Google speaking at Insurance Innovators Nordics
Rikke Hagemann

Industry Manager – Finance , Google

Jannicke Schumann-Olsen photo
Jannicke Schumann-Olsen

Director New Business and Customer Innovation , Tryg

Alan Hickman Speaker Photo
Alan Hickman

Head of Digital Capability & Delivery , LV=

Mark Bates - RDT - Insurance Innovators
Mark Bates

Chief Executive Officer , RDT


AI and IoT: new weapons in the fight against fraud

  • What new data sources will be most useful to fraud departments in the near future?
  • How can the customer experience be improved without creating new vulnerabilities?
  • Embracing new technology: what’s on the horizon to enhance antifraud initiatives?

Joanne Cox
Joanne Cox

Head of Fraud Analytics , Admiral

Interview | Ageas

Changing the claims handling game with AI

  • A step-change in claims management: how is Ageas using technology to transform the process?
  • Where have the real gains been seen?
  • Overcoming the obstacles: what have been the key challenges along the way?
  • Claims handling of the future: what’s next?


Rob Smale

Transformation Director , Ageas


Streamline, accelerate, innovate: capitalising on next generation data

Geoffrey Andrews speaking at Insurance Innovators: Counter Fraud
Geoffrey Andrews

Chief Operating Officer , Carpe Data

Panel discussion

Unlocking the transformative potential of fourth industrial revolution technologies

  • What role will blockchain play in the claims arena?
  • What is the timeframe for wider technological change across claims management?
  • How might AI, machine learning, and IoT come together to streamline fraud processes?
  • Finding the balance between technology and the human factor: how can this best be achieved?
  • From embedded sensors to quantum computing: which new technologies have the biggest potential to transform claims and fraud?
  • What practical steps can be taken to successfully integrate new technologies into business operations?
  • Understanding the practicalities of running AI projects: what, who, how?

Simon Rewell - Insurthebox
Simon Rewell

Group Head of Financial Crime , Insurethebox

Caroline Johnson

Director of Motor Third Party and Technical Claims , LV=

Martin Kroos
Martin Kroos

Head Claims , Achmea

Speaker placeholder

Senior Representative , Carpe Data

Geoffrey Andrews speaking at Insurance Innovators: Counter Fraud
Geoffrey Andrews

Chief Operating Officer , Carpe Data


New opportunities for engagement: from voice tech to social media

  • Not just Millennial magic: integrating social media strategies for the benefit of varying demographics
  • What more can be done through social media?
  • Connecting through voice: what’s the advantage?
  • How can voice technology be capitalised on further?

Annika Baecker Zurich Photo For Website
Annika Kristina Bäcker

Chief Marketing Officer, Germany , Zurich


Unlocking potential with next-level marketing initiatives


Building a compelling brand: a strategic overview

  • The power of big versus small: what brands or sub-brands resonate best with different demographics?
  • What constitutes compelling in an age of unlimited choice and lacking loyalty?
  • Changing customer perceptions through branding initiatives: key considerations
  • What brands will survive future disruption?

Panel discussion

Dealing with the complexity of today’s marketing landscape

  • Driving growth amidst innovation chaos: what should be prioritised?
  • Marketing in a post-GDPR world: how can challenges be overcome?
  • A question of consent: how can insurers encourage consumers to give access to their data?
  • What strategies must marketing departments adopt in order to deal with shifting consumer behaviour?
  • Bringing marketing to the forefront of the organisation’s agenda: how can this be achieved?
  • Marketing as a service: in what ways can data-derived insight be used to add value in marketing?

Olivier Dot - AXA
Olivier Dot

Head of Marketing , AXA

Andrew McClure
Andrew McClure

Chief Marketing Officer , AIG

Kerry Chilvers, Direct Line Group
Kerry Chilvers

Brand Director, Direct Line Group



Session 4

Transformation in distribution | Tech in focus: customer experience | Insurtech pitches

Coral Stage - Transformation in distribution
Jade Stage - Tech in focus: customer experience
Insurtech Zone - Pitches
Case study | Friendsurance

Convenience and simplicity in distribution

In this case study, delegates will get the chance to hear from German insurtech disruptor and P2P pioneer, Friendsurance. Hear about their exciting partnership with Deutsche Bank and how they are taking bancassurance to the next level through creating an insurance platform where customers can manage all of their financial services needs.

Tim Kunde Friendsurance
Tim Kunde

Founder , Friendsurance


Mapping out the path to new distribution models: a strategic overview

Panel discussion

The start of the revolution: envisioning the distribution landscape of tomorrow

  • Disintermediation of the supply chain: what does the future hold?
  • Aggregators reinvented: will a new breed of digital advisors rise to the top?
  • Are reinsurers likely to take on a new role within the industry?
  • A brand-new ecosystem: is embedded insurance likely to grow?
  • Is the end nigh for D2C?
  • What will happen to the insurer-customer relationship amidst distribution disruption?
  • Consistency is key: how can insurers reinforce relationships across various distribution channels?
  • Will the Insurance Distribution Directive stall disruptive forces?

Damian Cristian Zoe AI
Damian Cristian

Chief Executive Officer , Zoe AI

John Warburton, Konsileo
John Warburton

Co-founder , Konsileo

Gareth Howell, Managing Director, AXA
Gareth Howell

Managing Director , AXA Insurance

Making ‘frictionless’ the reality: a practical guide
  • Exploring the true meaning of a frictionless customer experience
  • Delighting the customer in every way + reducing cost: where can technology have the biggest impact?
  • Decoupling the front and back end: creating agility that positively impacts the customer
  • Overcoming the hurdles:
    strategies for success

Steven Zuanella, RSA
Steven Zuanella

Group Chief Digital Officer , RSA


Creating a strategy for AI development


Case study | Prudential

Driving engagement with AI

In this case study, delegates will get the chance to hear how Prudential is utilising AI to enhance the customer experience. Take this opportunity to explore practical applications of AI and how these lessons can be transferred to your organisation.

Michael Natusch

Global Head of AI , Prudential




Head to Coral Stage for closing session


Chair’s opening remarks


Pitch one | Policy Castle

Edmund Dilger

Chief Executive Officer , PolicyCastle


Pitch two | Luminance

Senior representative, Luminance


Pitch three | Shift Technology

Senior representative, Shift Technology


Pitch four | In My Bag

gustav holst stuge photo for website
Gustav Holst Stuge

Chief Executive Officer , InMyBag


Pitch five | Laka

Jens Hartwig
Jens Hartwig

Co-founder and Chief Product Officer , Laka


Pitch six | Leocare

christophe dandois photo - animated version
Christophe Dandois

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer , Leocare


Head to Coral Stage for closing session

Session 5

Exclusive fireside chat


Champagne fireside chat and Q&A

Future-proofing insurance: a strategic overview
  • Innovation, agility, culture: what must leaders do to effectively navigate change?
  • Defining successful strayegy: how can you align the needs of the customer with the needs of the business?
  • How can the industry maintain its high standards in the age of innovation?
  • Staying ahead of the competition: how can this be achieved?
  • What other industries can insurers look towards for inspiration?

David Stevens, Admiral | Insurance Innovators Speaker
David Stevens

Group Chief Executive , Admiral


Chair’s closing remarks, end of Day 1 followed by a drinks reception

Declan Curry - Journalist
Declan Curry

Journalist & Broadcaster


Chair's opening remarks

Session 6

The future insurance workforce

Keynote address

Attracting brilliant talent to insurance

Tulsi Naidu, Zurich | Insurance Innovators Speaker
Tulsi Naidu

Chief Executive Officer, UK , Zurich




Innovation, transformation and diversity: the time for change is now

Leaders’ Forum

From transformative tech to an overhaul in operating models

• What technological innovations have the greatest potential to revolutionise the workforce?
• Augmented intelligence: how can AI best be used to support humans?
• What can be done to aid the seamless introduction of new technology?
• What is the timeframe for change?
• The challenge of reskilling: what strategies can be adopted to support this process?
• Embracing new operating models: how can incumbent orthodoxies be challenged?
• The rise of the robots: how can sensationalism and panic be combatted?

Stephen Browning

Interim Challenge Director , Innovate UK

Sarah Greasley, Direct Line Group
Sarah Greasley

Chief Technology Officer , Direct Line Group

Lou Lwin

Chief Technology Officer , Markerstudy

Paula Whitwell
Paula Whitwell

Operations Strategy & Transformation Director , Aviva



Session 7

The Information of Everything: a new data landscape | Innovation in focus: welcoming the era of ‘open insurance’ | Insurtech pitches

Coral Stage - The Information of Everything: a new data landscape
Jade Stage - Innovation in focus: welcoming the era of ‘open insurance’
Insurtech Zone - Pitches

Chair’s opening remarks


Tackling data security and the threat of cyber

  • From data breaches to full-blown cyber-attacks: how real is the threat?
  • What new risks to data security are insurers anticipating in a more open and connected ecosystem?
  • Deploying effective defences: what are the best strategies for security?
  • How can insurers become a trusted keeper of data?

Robert Veres
Robert Veres

Head of Strategy, Information Security , AXA


How to become a winner in the golden age of data

Eugene Lee
Eugene Lee

Vice President of Data and Analytics , Guidewire Software

Case study |  Generali

Building competitive advantage through first-rate data strategies

In this case study, delegates will get the chance to explore how Generali has enhanced its data and technology strategy to solidify its leading position in the market. Hear from Alessandra Chiuderi, Group Head of Analytics at Generali as she shares insider insight on data-led innovation and how she sees the use of data evolving over the coming years.

Alessandar Chiuderi - Generali
Alessandra Chiuderi

Head of Analytics Solutions Centre , Generali

Panel discussion

Dealing with the data goldmine

  • Extracting value from new sources: where is there potential?
  • Drowning in data: how must insurers prioritise?
  • Cleaning up data for AI: what are the practical steps?
  • Breaking down data siloes: how can insurers create the illusive single-view of the customer?
  • How can data be better used to create products tailored to individual customers?
  • What would truly data-centric insurance look like?
  • Data as a currency: what does this mean for the insurer-customer relationship?

Orlando Machado photo
Orlando Machado

Chief Data Scientist , Aviva

Geoffrey Andrews speaking at Insurance Innovators: Counter Fraud
Geoffrey Andrews

Chief Operating Officer , Carpe Data


Harnessing the potential of big data in insurance


Chair’s opening remarks

Case study | Urban Jungle

Enhancing collaboration through open APIs

In this case study, delegates will get the chance to explore an industry first: the use of open APIs in the UK insurance market. Explore new possibilities of innovation and collaboration with Urban Jungle’s CEO and Co-founder, Jimmy Williams, who will discuss the launch of their partnership programme.

Jimmy Williams, Urban Jungle
Jimmy Williams

Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder , Urban Jungle

Out of industry keynote

Falling in love with open banking: capitalising on the opportunities of open APIs

Take this opportunity to hear from a FinTech that is audaciously disrupting the banking world through embedding an API-based approach within everything it does. In this case study, Megan Caywood will explore the exciting potential of open banking and present to delegates some of the positive partnerships that have been formed as a result.

Megan Caywood - Starling Bank
Megan Caywood

Chief Platform Officer , Starling Bank


A platform for change: insurance in a new competitive environment

Panel discussion

Is the age of ‘open insurance’ upon us?

  • Capitalising on available opportunities: can insurers tap into Open Banking data?
  • What exactly will an ‘open insurance’ ecosystem look like?
  • Transformative potential: will open APIs change the face of insurance?
  • Are open APIs a threat to the customer relationships?
  • Optimising data: how can the opening up of APIs transform the way insurers use and handle data?
  • What are the risks that come with using open APIs and how can they be overcome?
  • The effect of open APIs on the data ecosystem: what does this mean for insurers?

Jimmy Williams, Urban Jungle
Jimmy Williams

Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder , Urban Jungle

Megan Caywood - Starling Bank
Megan Caywood

Chief Platform Officer , Starling Bank


Open insurance: expanding the horizons of innovation


Chair’s opening remarks


Pitch seven | Pluto

Alex Rainey - Meet Mia - photo
Alex Rainey

Chief Executive Officer , Pluto


Pitch eight | Homelyfe

Peter Goodman

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer , Homelyfe


Pitch nine | ShareMyRisk

Hannu Valkonen
Hannu Valkonen

Founder , ShareMyRisk


Pitch ten | Waggel

Andrew Leal photo
Andrew Leal

Founder , Waggel


Pitch eleven | Honcho

Gavin Sewell Honcho Insurance Innovators
Gavin Sewell

Chief Executive Officer , Honcho


Pitch twelve | Yakman

Bertrand Favre
Bertrand Favre

Co-founder , Yakman


Pitch thirteen | Insurance Simplified

Christer Braaf photo
Christer Braaf

Chief Executive Officer and Founder , Insurance Simplified


Pitch fourteen | Wizzas

Julien Renauld
Julien Renauld

Co-Founder , Wizzas


Pitch fifteen | Bsurance

Lorenz Gräff

Chief Executive Officer , bsurance



Session 8

Navigating a connected future | Innovation in focus: strategies for business transformation | Insurtech pitches

Coral Stage - Navigating a connected future
Jade Stage - Innovation in focus: strategies for business transformation
Insurtech Zone - Pitches

Value-added services: the next wave of product innovation

  • Designing and offering the right value-added services for customers: tailoring products to individual needs
  • How can insurers effectively integrate value-added propositions with their core products?
  • Beyond telematics, fitbits and Smart sensors: what will value-added look like in 10 years?

Kenny Leitch, RSA
Kenny Leitch

Global Connected Insurance Director, RSA


Developing next-generation insurance products


Making IoT propositions a success: exploring the Smart home

  • An update on the Smart home: what’s the current state of play?
  • Making Smart profitable: identifying different revenue streams through product innovation
  • From consumer buy-in to rocketing costs: how can obstacles be combatted?
  • What does the future hold for the Smart home?

Ed Dutton, British Gas Insurance
Ed Dutton

Chief Executive Officer , British Gas Insurance

Panel discussion

Digital lifestyles and the insurer of the future

  • How will customer behaviours change in light of increased connectivity?
  • Will insurers of the future assume the role of risk managers?
  • What is the timeframe for change?
  • What does this mean for traditional business models and revenue streams?
  • In what ways will customer interaction evolve as insurers become embedded in new digital lifestyles?
  • To what extent will the future of insurance hinge on the ability to deliver meaningful and personalised value-added services?

Simon McGinn, Allianz
Simon McGinn

General Manager, Commercial and Personal , Allianz

Ed Dutton, British Gas Insurance
Ed Dutton

Chief Executive Officer , British Gas Insurance

Stefaan de Kezel
Stefaan de Kezel

Programme Director, Innovation and Smart Synergies , Ageas

Case study | Achmea

Developing a strategy for constant innovation

The need for innovation within the insurance industry is clear, but the practicalities of integrating innovation into the business are far from simple. In this case study, delegates will hear from Martin Kroos, Head of Claims, Achmea, who is responsible for innovation within his department of over 400 people. Find out how Achmea developed its strategy of constant innovation to transform its claims department; from the development of scrum teams to establishing a shared vision.

Martin Kroos
Martin Kroos

Head Claims , Achmea


Enabling innovation through internal transformation

Case study | NN Sparklab

Shaking up insurance: exploring new business models

As a leader in the Dutch insurance market, it is paramount that the NN Group stays ahead of the game. One of the ways it has ensured this is through establishing its Sparklab; an innovation lab that experiments with new business models. Take this chance to hear first-hand about the practicalities of establishing an innovation lab, the kind of work being carried out and ultimately how business models are set to evolve.

Kokke van der Werf

Managing Director Sparklab , Nationale-Nederlanden

Panel discussion

Escaping the legacy trap

  • Challenging well-established cultures: what are the first steps?
  • Tackling the siloes: how can these be overcome?
  • Is a triple-culture necessary for innovation to be successfully integrated within legacy organisations?
  • Minimising the pain: what are the common pitfalls when trying to implement innovative strategies and how can these be overcome?
  • Achieving agility: where can real gains be made?
  • Decoupling the front and back end: is this the best solution to the legacy system problem?
  • Tackling resistance: how can you get buy-in from the boardroom?
  • Technology plus culture: how to achieve the ultimate transformation

Gregor Wiest, ERGO
Gregor Wiest

Head of Innovation , ERGO

Daniel Litscher
Daniel Litscher

Head Business Innovation , Helvetia

Sarah Mantle-Gray

Director of Operational Excellence & Business Agility , RSA

Andreas Nemeth - Uniqa Ventures | Insurance Innovators
Andreas Nemeth

Chief Executive Officer , Uniqa Ventures


Pitch sixteen | Parasol

Henry De Boysson
Henry De Boysson

Co-Founder , Parasol


Pitch seventeen | Community Life

Claudia Lang - CommunityLife - Insurance Innovators
Claudia Lang

Co-Founder , Community Life


Pitch eighteen | INZMO

Meeri Rebane - INZMO - Insurance Innovators
Meeri Rebane

Co-Chief Executive Officer , INZMO


Pitch nineteen | COYA

Max Bachem Coya Insurance Innovators
Max Bachem

P Strategy and Special Operations , Coya


Pitch twenty


Pitch twenty-one


Pitch twenty-two


Pitch twenty-three


Pitch twenty-four



Session 9

Leaders of tomorrow – champagne keynote

Champagne keynote address

Transparency, technology and tenacity: leading a paradigm shift in insurance




Chair’s closing remarks and end of Day 2


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These are the people helping to shape the agenda and making our whole portfolio of events and reports more relevant and insightful than ever before. We host regular catch-ups and dinners with our Advisory Board to keep our finger on the pulse and to craft the most exciting content for you.

Amanda Blanc 2018 speaking at Insurance Innovators Counter Fraud 2018

Amanda Blanc

Group Chief Executive Officer, AXA UK

Andy Watson. Ageas

Andy Watson

Chief Executive Officer, Ageas

Phoebe Hugh, Brolly

Phoebe Hugh

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder, Brolly


Steve Treloar

Managing Director, General Insurance, LV=

Steven Zuanella, RSA

Steven Zuanella

Group Chief Digital Officer, RSA

Mark Cliff, Brightside

Mark Cliff

Executive Chairman, Brightside

Stephanie Smith, Allianz

Stephanie Smith

Chief Operating Officer, Allianz

Rob Flynn, MORE TH>N

Rob Flynn

Home, Travel and Business Director, MORE TH>N

More Advisory Board Members


If your organisation is a start-up at seed-stage, has <$2 million in annual revenues, and has been in business <3 years, you can apply for the InsurTech Rate of £350*.


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