The Nordic region’s leading banking innovation conference

6 – 8 November 2018

Copenhagen Marriott Hotel

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MoneyLIVE: Nordic Banking 2018 is the leading event for innovators in the banking industry across the region. Building on nearly ten years of experience, this year’s conference brings together digital and innovation experts from a range of Nordic banks and beyond.

Don’t miss out on the most exciting agenda yet, covering topics including artificial intelligence, open banking, data and analytics, payments, digital innovation and much more. Plus, brand new to 2018, join our Introducing the FinTechs evening and hear from the region’s most exciting start-ups.

Bigger and better than ever before

We’ve added a new stage to this event to ensure that we leave no stone unturned. Take advantage of more topics, more sessions and 40% more speakers!

Unrivalled networking opportunities

Maximise your learning and networking time with a choice of streamed content, 2 evening drinks receptions, plus networking lunches and breaks.

Future-facing banking case studies

Take home actionable insights from the region’s most innovate banks and startups with case studies from Swedbank, Startup Reykjavik and Revolut.

Join the technology revolution

Find out how OP Financial Group are deploying an AI driven workforce, and hear Google deliver a keynote closing address on  convenient and effortless customer experiences

Introducing the start-ups

Join the most ground-breaking FinTechs over drinks and canapés at the Introducing the start-ups evening! We know you come to conferences to find new opportunities for growth and digital innovation. With that in mind, this year we will be hosting in partnership with Copenhagen FinTech an evening get-together for the delegates and the most exciting FinTech start-ups in the Nordic region! Sit back and hear the most exciting new companies in the region pitch to you.

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Ewan MacLeod, Nordea - MoneyLIVE Banking Events

Ewan MacLeod

Chief Digital Officer, Nordea

Sune Mortensen

Global Head of Wealth Products & Advice, Danske Bank

Peter Smith 3 - Nordea

Peter Smith

Senior Vice President, Head of Nordea Kredit, Nordea

Girts Berzins Swedbank

Girts Berzins

Head of Strategy - Digital Banking, Swedbank

Rikke Hagemann

Industry Manager Finance - Denmark, Google

AndraAltoa - SEB

Andra Altoa

Head of Strategy and Customer Insights, SEB Group

Nils Foyn Kjaerside

Senior Vice President – Head of Data and Analytics, Danske Bank

Sampsa Laine

Executive Vice President, Head of Digital Banking, Nordea

More Speakers

“Great networking opportunity and interesting topics giving new ideas to every-day.”

BCIO Trade Finance & Distributed Ledger

“The mix of traditional banks, new banks and Fintech companies is very good. I find the size to be excellent, you have the chance to network on breaks and you also receive enough time for networking.”

Head of Payment Solutions, Payments & Cash Management


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FinTech Pitch Evening Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Day One Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Day Two Thursday, 8 November 2018


Arrival and refreshments

Introducing the FinTechs


This evening is dedicated to exploring the best and brightest start-ups in the Nordic FinTech scene. Network with your peers over drinks and canapés and sit back and listen to the latest innovative start-ups pitch to you. A series of hand-picked FinTechs will each have 10 minutes to pitch to the audience, with questions to be taken following the presentations.

Introductory remarks

Standing out from the crowd: succeeding in the cutthroat world of ‘FinTechs’
• The importance of ‘enablers’: working in cooperation with financial services
• Connecting forward-thinking banks with some most exciting FinTechs
• Defining the approach: from design thinking to corporate innovation

FinTech lightning pitches, followed by Q&A

Lightning pitch 1 | Tobi – Enabling children to get the best possible financial start in life

Lightning pitch 2 | Digibon – Making receipt purchasing data as accessible as online banking

Lightning pitch 3 | Penstable – Pension savings for a future worth retiring in

Lightning pitch 4 | Finscend

Jacob Munk-Stander - Tobi | MoneyLIVE: Nordic Banking
Jacob Munk-Stander

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer , Tobi

Niels Fibæk-Jensen

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer , Penstable

Aaron Lazor

Chief Executive Officer , Finscend

Yeelen Knegtering

Chief Executive Officer , Digibon

Peer-to-peer discussion

Drinks and canapés served throughout


Closing remarks and end of Day 1 FinTech evening


Welcome address


Chair's opening remarks - Peter Nordgaard, Associate Professor, Executive Finance & Economics, AVT Business School

Session 1

Beyond banking - leading the banking revolution

Opening keynote

Reinventing the status quo: the future of lifestyle banking

Ewan MacLeod, Nordea - MoneyLIVE Banking Events
Ewan MacLeod

Chief Digital Officer , Nordea


Advisory Session

Omri Kletter

Head of Fraud & Authentication Solutions , NICE Actimize

Leaders’ forum

From marketplace banking to lifestyle portals: a rejuvenation of financial services

  • How can banks serve a greater purpose in the day-to-day lives of customers?
  • What strategies are required to facilitate this change in banking?
  • How are open APIs enabling banks to enhance their products and services?
  • Consumer behaviour: are people ready to see banks offer more than financial services?
  • How can lifestyle portals be implemented effectively?
  • Overcoming the barriers to implementing marketplace and lifestyle banking

Peter Smith 3 - Nordea
Peter Smith

Senior Vice President, Head of Nordea Kredit , Nordea

Knut Anders Wangen
Knut Anders Wangen

Head of Commercial Excellence , Danske Bank

Katharina Lüth, Raisin | MoneyLIVE Speaker
Katharina Lüth

Head of Europe , Raisin

Omri Kletter

Head of Fraud & Authentication Solutions , NICE Actimize


Advisory Session

Nick Caley - ForgeRock - MoneyLIVE
Nick Caley

Vice President, Financial Services and Regulatory , ForgeRock



Session 2

Laying the foundations for an open eco-system


Open APIs: opening the industry up to new opportunities

  • What new innovations are open APIs enabling?
  • How will the relationship between banks and TPPs evolve over the next 5 years?
  • What regulation of APIs and partnerships can the industry expect?

Per Kristian Næss-Fladset

Head of Open Banking , DNB


Open Banking now: 4 case studies from European and global leaders

Julian Farley - OpenWay - MoneyLIVE
Julian Farley

Business Development Manager , OpenWay

Case study | SwedBank

Facilitating open banking and collaboration

Swebank believes in co-creation and innovation that enables people, businesses and society to grow. With the opening of their API sandbox, the bank is leading the way in the Nordic region. Girts Berzins will discuss this journey the bank has taken, the issues along the way and the vision for the future.

Girts Berzins Swedbank
Girts Berzins

Head of Strategy - Digital Banking , Swedbank

Panel discussion

Open banking in practice

  • Which APIs should be opened to create maximum benefits to both banks and customers?
  • How has open banking enabled banks to transform their IT infrastructure?
  • Connecting systems in a simpler and more efficient way: identifying the challenges
  • How does GDPR interact with the data sharing opportunities of open APIs?
  • What are the risks of an open ecosystem and how can these be addressed?
  • Scalability: what are the issues of implementing and APIs at scale?

Per Kristian Næss-Fladset

Head of Open Banking , DNB

Aleksi Grym

Head of Digitalisation , Bank of Finland

Girts Berzins Swedbank
Girts Berzins

Head of Strategy - Digital Banking , Swedbank

Morten Wischmann - Danske Bank, MoneyLIVE Events
Morten Wischmann

Digital Lead , Danske Bank



Session 3

Delivering a robust data analytics strategy | Navigating the new payments landscape

Turquoise stage: Delivering a robust data analytics strategy
Jet stage: Navigating the new payments landscape

New data strategies to understand the next generation of customers

  • What opportunities do new data sources present to better understand the customer?
  • How can banks ensure that data and analytics strategies deliver actionable insights?
  • Overcoming the system challenges: what further technological advances are set to ease data silo problems?
  • Adapting to a new data ecosystem: how must data strategies change as a result of the combined effect of GDPR and PSD2?

Nils Foyn Kjaerside

Senior Vice President – Head of Data and Analytics , Danske Bank


The segment-of-one: why do banks still struggle with boosting personalised digital sales?

Tamas Braun W.UP
Tamas Braun

International Sales and Business Development Director , W.UP


The bank as the trusted data custodian

• How can banks leverage their existing trusted position to ensure continued and widened access to customer data?
• Minimising data security threats: what more can banks do?
• How can the inevitable conflict between security and customer experience be managed?



Kjartan Benediktsson
Kjartan Benediktsson

Director - Risk Data Management , Islandsbanki


Post-PSD2: where do we go from here?

  • New innovation: what new trends have we seen develop since PSD2?
  • RTS: what should we expect and what are the likely challenges?
  • Addressing the disintermediation threat of AISPs and PISPs: what must banks do to maintain and deepen customer relationships?

Jonas Palm

Head of Payments , Swedbank


The cornerstones of Open Banking

• Enabling mobile authentication for consumers
• How to create effortless mobile on-boarding for businesses and consumers
• Authorizing mobile payments at pace
• GDPR; sharing personal information safely and securely


Gijs ter Horst

Chief Marketing Officer , Ximedes

Panel discussion

The future of payments: innovating for success

  • Envisaging a pan-Nordic payment infrastructure: how can this be facilitated?
  • How can further advancements in biometrics enable faster and seamless payment authentication?
  • What must banks do to optimise the opportunities of digital identities?
  • A step closer to a cashless society: what will be the next big payments innovations?
  • Cryptocurrencies: do these have a future and if so, what must banks do to innovate around them?

Jonas Palm

Head of Payments , Swedbank

Mikkel Thrane
Mikkel Thrane

Head of Digital Payments , Saxo Bank

Emma Ballantyne RBC
Emma Ballantyne

Director - Mobile Product , Royal Bank of Canada



Session 4

Nurturing visionary partnerships between banks and FinTechs


Collaboration over competition: FinTech innovation and transformation

• How can banks develop new user experiences and revenue streams through APIS?
• What can banks do to incorporate innovation to future-proof their business?
• What is possible with an Open Banking architecture today
• What barriers are preventing FinTechs from developing further?

Chris Truce
Chris Truce

Global Head of FinTechs , Saxo Bank

Case study: Startup Reykjavik

Startup Reykjavik & Arion Bank’s Digital Future Accelerators

Startup Reykjavik is a mentorship driven business accelerator owned by Arion Bank in Iceland. In this case study, Einar Gunnar Gudmundsson will give delegates a practical run-through of how investing in external innovation gave rise to Arion Bank’s fundamental new approach in internal innovation, ranging from hosting a hackathon and the implementation of the Digital Future internal accelerator where digital banking services are developed and delivered in 16 weeks cycles with focus on customer centricity, new revenues and increased productivity

Einar Gunnar Gudmundsson

Chief Executive Officer , Startup Reykjavik


Digital Lending: Driving the Next Wave of  Loan Innovation

Auke Veenstra Cloud Lending
Auke Veenstra

Head of Enterprise Accounts , Cloud Lending


Chair’s closing remarks and end of Day 1 followed by off-site drinks reception at Papa Bird


Chair's opening remarks - Peter Nordgaard Associate Professor, Executive Finance & Economics, AVT Business School

Opening keynote address

Keynote address

Fostering an innovation-friendly climate in the financial sector

• What greater role can the regulators play in sustaining an innovation-driven financial sector?
• What strategies have seen the greatest return in innovation?
• Looking ahead: how will innovation be managed in the future?

Hanna Heiskanen

Senior Advisor – FinTech and Digitalisation , Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority

Session 5

New models in banking: the impact of digitalisation


Towards new revenue models in banking

• Opening up new revenue streams through the championing of technological innovation
• How can banks monetise data successfully within privacy constraints such as GDPR?
• Open banking opportunities: how will the monetisation of APIs revolutionise banking?
• Lessons to be learnt from the wealth and asset management industries

Sune Mortensen

Global Head of Wealth Products & Advice , Danske Bank

Sampsa Laine

Executive Vice President, Head of Digital Banking , Nordea


New models in banking: the impact of digitalisation

Nathaniel Ward - nCino - MoneyLIVE
Nathaniel Ward

Regional Vice President Market Development EMEA , nCino

Leaders’ Forum

Adapting your business and operating model to a new environment

• Envisaging the future: what might this new environment look like?
• How will banks principally deliver value in future?
• How might pricing structures for APIs evolve?
• How will new revenue models affect customers?
• Ensuring customers have access to the most innovative FinTechs: pricing considerations
• Do banks possess the capabilities required for this new era?

Sampsa Laine

Executive Vice President, Head of Digital Banking , Nordea

Sune Mortensen

Global Head of Wealth Products & Advice , Danske Bank

AndraAltoa - SEB
Andra Altoa

Head of Strategy and Customer Insights , SEB Group

Nathaniel Ward - nCino - MoneyLIVE
Nathaniel Ward

Regional Vice President Market Development EMEA , nCino



Session 6

The power of artificial intelligence


The rise of AI: will it dominate the banking industry?

• How is AI-driven analytics set to revolutionise banking?
• Increased operational efficiency: how can AI improve productivity?
• When, if ever, will customers accept chatbots as their primary interaction with their bank?
• Compliance revolution: how is AI facilitating RegTech?

Mattias Fras Photo
Mattias Fras

Group Head of AI Strategy and Acceleration , Nordea


Title to be confirmed

Martin ten Houten - Feedzai - MoneyLIVE
Martin ten Houten

Vice President of Sales, EMEA , Feedzai

Panel discussion

How dominant is AI set to become in banking and when: examining the practicalities?

• What issues have already come to light when applying AI with banking?
• What are the barriers to AI’s expansion?
• More or less personal? How will AI affect the customer experience?
• Delivering a truly frictionless and pain-free onboarding process: how can AI help?
• Can smaller banks justify significant investment in AI?
• How crucial is AI to ensuring that banks are able to compete with GAFA?
• How can banks mitigate the risks of AI going rogue?

Mattias Fras Photo
Mattias Fras

Group Head of AI Strategy and Acceleration , Nordea

Hrannar Hallkelsson

Head of Technology Management , Arion Bank

Meeri Haataja

Director - Artificial Intelligence , OP Financial Group



Session 7

Taking digital customer experience to the next stage

Case study: Revolut

Delivering a complete digital banking experience

Revolut offers a digital current account with free international money transfers and overseas transactions. Its app now includes a host of services including spending alerts, the facility to segment savings accounts into ‘vaults’ for specific purposes and access to cryptocurrency trading platforms. It is also now offering more than financial services by selling travel tickets, which is just the beginning of an innovative partnership strategy. Andrius Biceika will outline how Revolut is surfing the wave of the connected customer revolution with its continuous evolution its banking app.

Andrius Biceika

Head of Business Development , Revolut


Improving customer friction in payments, whilst reducing fraud losses

Matt Mills - Featurespace - MoneyLIVE
Matt Mills

Chief Commercial Officer , Featurespace

Panel discussion

The next stage of digital transformation

• What further IT investment is required to optimise the mobile experience?
• To what extent will customers demand conversational UX in the future?
• Will virtual assistants eventually become the dominant banking channel?
• Collaborating with FinTechs while keeping customer relationships: striking the balance
• How can the cross-selling of products be facilitated via digital transformation?
• Is human interaction still required to ensure good customer service in a digital age?

Etienne Yuan photo
Etienne Yuan

Head of Digital , Ikano Bank

Tuomas Manninen
Tuomas Manninen

Head of Design and Customer Experience , OP Financial Group

Andrius Biceika

Head of Business Development , Revolut

Anne Gundersen - Sparebank1
Anne Gundersen

Chief Experience Manager , SpareBank 1

Closing keynote address

Learning from the tech-stars: offering convenient and effortless customer experiences

  • How is technological advancements effecting customer experience in banking?
  • What strategies have seen the best return in providing an effortless customer journey?

Rikke Hagemann

Industry Manager Finance - Denmark , Google


Chair’s closing remarks

MoneyLIVE sneak-peak

With marketplace banking being the hot topic on everyone’s lips, here at MoneyLIVE we want to make sure you’re kept up-to-date. Not only do we have a leaders’ forum on day one of MoneyLIVE: Nordic Banking on marketplace banking (featuring CYBG, Nordea, Danske Bank and Raisin), but we also have an upcoming webinar on Breaking down the barriers to marketplace banking:

“Why do data utilisation and decision-making need to be core components of a bank’s transformation? In a marketplace where banks need to tackle increased competition and fight harder than ever to create an exceptional customer journey, this live webinar will explore the reality of marketplace banking, and what that journey will actually look like.”

Who attends


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If your organisation is a start-up at which has raised < €5 million in funding, < €2 million in annual revenues, and has been in business < 3 years you can apply for the FinTech Rate of €445*. 


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